New Businesses 

Please register and login to list your business. Once you are logged in Click the Add Business button and start doing your thing. To get back to your business first login then come back to this page and Click the My Businesses button. 

Please be patient with us while we make it simpler to use and for you to make money using it. 

Your Momzey Team


My business is listed but I have no access

If your business is listed and you have no access, please register as a general user, if you can go to your Momzey business page, copy the URL address from the top bar of your browser, email us the URL and the email address you registered with, we will verify your identity and extend permissions to edit your page.

Tip: the URL for your business will look like this https://momzey.com/Nearby/Business-Detail-View/ItemId/####/Business_Name