Volunteer Community and Event Organizers
Volunteer Community and Event Organizers
Volunteer Community and Event Organizers
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We are searching for volunteers to help local communities organize and grow visibity and businesses. Just 2 hours a week.

Major Objectives:

  1. Establish a friendly relationship with local businesses and consumers.
  2. Explore the business community to encourage unity.
  3. Provide support during community activities.
  4. Work with the business community and help them with ideas and events that can be done and bring local and nearby consumers in town. 
  5. Understand and explain how we are contributing in fight the fast growing Loneliness Epidemic in the Us. How?
    1. bring back Main Street where neighbors can be real friends 
  6. Help pass our message around. 


Major Responsibilities:

  1. Spend at least 2 hours per week doing any activity you and your peer/friend choose; seek pre-approval from peer/friend's case manager.
  2. Support and encourage your peer/friend in performing activities in collaboration with other providers.
  3. Provide ongoing communication to case manager and other team members
  4. Terminate relationship with peer/friend when you can no longer volunteer



  1. Transportation (by personal car or bus) is necessary.
  2. No experience with business development is required.
  3. You are not our spy, and you are not a sales rep for. 



  1. Attend training session given by the Area by Momzey representatives
  2. On-going support is provided by Case Managers, Volunteer Task Force and other event organizers stuff.
  3. A background check is required, this will include a drug screening, criminal check and a DMV check. Volunteer can not begin working until all information has been received and approved by the area program.



  1. 2 hours per week is required, additional time is at your discretion.
  2. Plan your schedule in conjunction with case manager and peer/friend.
  3. Explore or attend events in your community or at places you and your peer/friend want to attend.


Length of Commitment:

6 months is required.



  1. On-going support is tailored to each volunteer's needs
  2. Supervisor:__________________________________


To contact us simply leave a comment. 


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